Evansville Otters

Evan and Eva

Directors of FUN

PH: 812-435-8686

Born: Evan - 1995
EVA - 2009

Job Summary - HAVING FUN!!!

Evan and Eva will be at every single Otter's home game making sure that everyone is having a great time. They love signing autographs and getting their picture taken! If you would want Evan and/or Eva at your community events, check out the Community link on the home page, or send Evan and Eva an email at ottersbb@evansville.net.

"I love getting out in the community and making kids happy! I have always felt that I have a great smile for all picture opportunities, and now with Eva by my side we have the chance to get out and see more of the tri-state community! We both can't wait to come to your event!!!!"
-Evan the Otter

Front Office