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Date Player Action Details
05/23/2017 Myles Babitt Released
Released OF Myles Babitt
05/19/2017 Alejandro Segovia Activated
Activated 1B Alejandro Segovia
05/19/2017 Hunter Ackerman Disabled
Placed LHP Hunter Ackerman on 7-day disabled list
05/17/2017 Taylor Hillson Signed
Signed INF Taylor Hillson
05/15/2017 Kevin Carr Released
Released INF Kevin Carr
05/11/2017 Alejandro Segovia Disabled
Placed 1B Alejandro Segovia on 7-day disabled list
05/11/2017 Conner Porter Released
Released RHP Conner Porter
05/10/2017 Tyler Thompson Released
Released RHP Tyler Thompson
05/10/2017 Sam Roberson Released
Released C Sam Roberson
05/07/2017 Chris Rice Released
Released LHP Chris Rice
05/07/2017 Andrew Moralez Released
Released RHP Andrew Moralez
05/07/2017 Wade McNabb Released
Relased RHP Wade McNabb
05/07/2017 Joe Mello Released
Released RHP Joe Mello
05/07/2017 Joe DeRoche-Duffin Released
Released INF Joe- DeRoche-Duffin
05/07/2017 Kolten Yamaguchi Suspended
Suspended C Kolten Yamaguchi
05/07/2017 Nathan Coakley Released
Released RHP Nathan Coakley
05/07/2017 Luc Rennie Disabled
Placed Luc Rennie on 14-day disabled list
05/06/2017 Randy McCurry Signed
Signed RHP Randy McCurry
05/06/2017 Max Duval Signed
Signed RHP Max Duval
05/04/2017 Tom Constand Released
Released LHP Tom Constand
05/04/2017 Jimmie Davis Released
Released RHP Jimmie Davis
05/01/2017 Kyano Cummings Acquired
Acquired LHP Kyano Cummings from Southern Maryland Blue Crabs of the Atlantic League
04/28/2017 Tyler Vail Sold
Sold contract of RHP Tyler Vail to Arizona Diamondbacks
04/18/2017 Jimmie Davis Signed
Signed RHP Jimmie Davis
04/15/2017 Kevin Carr Signed
Signed INF Kevin Carr
04/14/2017 Jason Broussard Signed
Signed LHP Jason Broussard
04/13/2017 Preston Olson Suspended
Suspended RHP Preston Olson
04/12/2017 Joe DeRoche-Duffin Acquired
Acquired INF Joe DeRoche-Duffin from Sioux City Explorers of the American Association for a player to be named later
04/11/2017 Myles Babitt Signed
Signed OF Myles Babitt
04/10/2017 Taylore Cherry Signed
Signed RHP Taylore Cherry
04/06/2017 Kevin Kleis Suspended
Suspended RHP Kevin Kleis
04/06/2017 Trevor Walch Suspended
Suspended RHP Trevor Walch
04/06/2017 Kaeo Aliviado Suspended
Suspended OF Kaeo Aliviado
04/06/2017 Tyler Vail Activated
Activated RHP Tyler Vail
04/06/2017 Sam Roberson Signed
Signed C Sam Roberson
04/06/2017 Dane Phillips Activated
Activated C/OF Dane Phillips
04/03/2017 Mitchell Ho Signed
Signed C Mitchell Ho
04/02/2017 Conner Porter Signed
Signed RHP Conner Porter
03/29/2017 Austin Sweet Signed
Signed RHP Austin Sweet
03/28/2017 Hasten Freeman Signed
Signed RHP Hasten Freeman
03/27/2017 Wade McNabb Signed
Signed RHP Wade McNabb
03/22/2017 Tom Constand Signed
Signed LHP Tom Constand
03/21/2017 Xyruse Martinez Signed
Signed 3B Xyruse Martinez
03/15/2017 Denzel Richardson Released
Released OF Denzel Richardson
03/15/2017 Julio Rodriguez Released
Released C/3B Julio Rodriguez
03/15/2017 Rolando Gomez Released
Released SS Rolando Gomez
03/15/2017 Chris Breen Released
Released OF Chris Breen
03/06/2017 Rob Tasin Acquired
Acquired RHP Rob Tasin from Winnipeg Goldeyes of the American Association for a player to be named later
02/28/2017 Chris Rice Acquired
Acquired LHP Chris Rice from Joliet for a player to be named later
02/28/2017 Nathan Coakley Signed
Signed RHP Nathan Coakley
02/11/2017 Andrew Moralez Signed
Signed RHP Andrew Moralez
02/11/2017 Randy McCurry Released
Released RHP Randy McCurry
02/11/2017 Joe Mello Signed
Signed RHP Joe Mello
02/07/2017 Alejandro Segovia Signed
Signed C/1B Alejandro Segovia
02/07/2017 Lance Montano Signed
Signed INF Lance Montano
02/01/2017 Tyler Levine Released
Released RHP Tyler Levine
02/01/2017 Sykes Orvis Released
Released OF Sykes Orvis
02/01/2017 J. R. Edwards Released
Released RHP J. R. Edwards
01/23/2017 Brandon Soat Signed
Signed OF Brandon Soat
01/21/2017 Joe Webb Signed
Signed LHP Joe Webb
11/21/2016 Ken Frosch Traded
Traded LHP Ken Frosch to St. Paul Saints of the American Association for a player to be named later
09/23/2016 Matt Wivinis Sold
Sold contract of RHP Matt Wivinis to New York Yankees
09/03/2016 Trevor Walch Activated
Activated RHP Trevor Walch
09/03/2016 Kevin Kleis Disabled
Placed RHP Kevin Kleis on 60-day disabled list
08/30/2016 Tyler Vail Disabled
Placed RHP Tyler Vail on 60-day disabled list
08/30/2016 Felix Baez Activated
Activated RHP Felix Baez
08/15/2016 Sikes Orvis Acquired
Acquired 1B Sikes Orvis from Joliet for a player to be named later
08/15/2016 Tyler Levine Acquired
Acquired RHP Tyler Levine from Joliet for a player to be named later
08/15/2016 Felix Baez Disabled
Placed RHP Felix Baez on 7-day disabled list
08/15/2016 Kaeo Aliviado Disabled
Placed OF Kaeo Aliviado on 14-day disabled list, retroactive to Aug. 14
08/13/2016 Tyler Vail Activated
Activated RHP Tyler Vail
08/13/2016 J.R. Edwards Signed
Signed RHP J. R. Edwards
08/08/2016 Tyler Vail Disabled
Placed RHP Tyler Vail on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to Aug. 6
08/05/2016 Julio Rodriguez Activated
Activated C/3B Julio Rodriguez
08/05/2016 Nick Valenza Released
Released LHP Nick Valenza
08/02/2016 Nick Valenza Disabled
Placed LHP Nick Valenza on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to July 31
08/01/2016 Jack Wietlispach Released
Released C Jack Wietlispach
07/30/2016 Luc Rennie Activated
Activated RHP Luc Rennie
07/22/2016 Julio Rodriguez Disabled
Placed C/3B Julio Rodriguez on 14-day disabled list
07/22/2016 Andrew Potter Released
Released RHP Andrew Potter
07/22/2016 Kevin Kleis Activated
Activated RHP Kevin Kleis
07/21/2016 Jack Wietlispach Signed
Signed C Jack Wietlispach
07/21/2016 Nick Valenza Signed
Signed LHP Nick Valenza
07/21/2016 Luc Rennie Disabled
Placed RHP Luc Rennie on 7-day disabled list
07/10/2016 Jesse Arnold Released
Released RHP Jesse Arnold
07/06/2016 Rolando Gomez Activated
Activated SS Rolando Gomez
07/05/2016 Clayton Smithson Released
Released INF Clayton Smithson
07/02/2016 Matt Wivinis Signed
Signed RHP Matt Wivinis
07/01/2016 Kurt Wertz, Jr. Traded
Traded OF Kurt Wertz, Jr. to Joliet for OF Denzel Richardson
06/30/2016 Ryan Atkinson Sold
Sold contract of RHP Ryan Atkinson to Arizona Diamondbacks
06/30/2016 Jesse Arnold Signed
Signed RHP Jesse Arnold
06/29/2016 Dane Phillips Disabled
Transferred C/OF Dane Phillips to 14-disabled list
06/29/2016 Felix Baez Signed
Signed RHP Felix Baez
06/29/2016 Ruben Gomez Disabled
Placed SS Ruben Gomez on 7-day disabled list
06/28/2016 Trevor Walch Suspended
Suspended RHP Trevor Walch
06/28/2016 Clayton Smithson Signed
Signed INF Clayton Smithson
06/28/2016 Matt Hamons Released
Released LHP Matt Hamons
06/28/2016 Cody Kuzniczci Released
Released C/OF Cody Kuzniczci
06/26/2016 Chris Sweeney Activated
Activated OF Chris Sweeney
06/23/2016 Kolten Yamaguchi Acquired
Acquired C Kolten Yamaguchi from Schaumburg for future considerations
06/22/2016 Ryan Atkinson Signed
Signed RHP Ryan Atkinson
06/22/2016 Tommy Vitaletti Released
Released OF Tommy Vitaletti
06/22/2016 Matt Hamons Signed
Signed LHP Matt Hamons
06/22/2016 Cody Kuzniczci Signed
Signed C/OF Cody Kuzniczci
06/21/2016 Kevin Kleis Disabled
Placed RHP Kevin Kleis on 14-day disabled list, retroactive to June 18
06/21/2016 J.D. Dorgan Released
Released C J.D. Dorgan
06/20/2016 Max Duval Sold
Sold contract of RHP Max Duval to Arizona Diamondbacks
06/18/2016 Trevor Walch Activated
Activated RHP Trevor Walch
06/18/2016 Preston Olson Activated
Activated RHP Preston Olson
06/18/2016 Dylan Badura Released
Released LHP Dylan Badura
06/18/2016 Payton Baskette Released
Released Payton Baskette
06/14/2016 Jeff Gardner Signed
Signed OF Jeff Gardner
06/14/2016 Tommy Vitaletti Signed
Signed OF Tommy Vitaletti
06/13/2016 Derrick Penilla Released
Released LHP Derrick Penilla
06/13/2016 J.J. Bissell Released
Released 1B/OF J.J. Bissell
06/08/2016 Andrew Potter Signed
Signed RHP Andrew Potter
06/08/2016 J.J. Bissell Signed
Signed 1B/OF J.J. Bissell
06/06/2016 Brody Greer Released
Released RHP Brody Greer
06/06/2016 Chris Sweeney Disabled Placed OF Chris Sweeney on 14-day disabled list 
06/01/2016 Preston Olson Disabled
Placed RHP Preston Olson on 14-day disabled list
06/01/2016 J.D. Dorgan Activated
Activated C J.D. Dorgan
06/01/2016 Preston Olson Reinstated
Reinstated RHP Preston Olson from the suspended list
06/01/2016 Dane Phillips Disabled
Placed C/OF Dane Phillips on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to May 31
05/25/2016 Kevin Kleis Disabled
Placed RHP Kevin Kleis on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to May 22
05/20/2016 Thomas DeWolf Released
Released OF Thomas DeWolf
05/20/2016 Derrick Penilla Activated
Activated LHP Derrick Penilla
05/15/2016 Brody Greer Signed
Signed RHP Brody Greer
05/14/2016 J.B. Kole Released
Released RHP J.B. Kole
05/11/2016 Clint Manzo Released
Released RHP Clint Manzo
05/11/2016 Ryan Gibson Released
Released LHP Ryan Gibson
05/11/2016 Tyler Thompson Signed
Signed RHP Tyler Thompson
05/11/2016 Derrick Penilla Disabled
Placed LHP Derrick Penilla on 7-day disabled list
05/11/2016 Jonathan Haught Released
Released C Jonathan Haught
05/11/2016 Victor Barron Released
Released 1B Victor Barron
05/08/2016 Christopher Riopedre Acquired
Acquired INF Christopher Riopedre from Joilet for fourh round pick in 2017 Frontier League draft
05/08/2016 J. D. Dorgan Disabled
Placed C J.D. Dorgan on 14-day disabled list
05/08/2016 Trevor Walch Suspended
Suspended RHP Trevor Walch
05/08/2016 Andre Martinez Released
Released LHP Andre Martinez
05/08/2016 Keith Patton Released
Released RHP Keith Patton
05/08/2016 Tommie Danczyk Released
Released RHP Tommie Danczyk
05/08/2016 Buddy Elgin Released
Released INF Buddy Elgin
05/05/2016 Ricky Claudio Released
Released 1B/OF Ricky Claudio
05/05/2016 Ryan Minteer Released
Released RHP Ryan Minteer
05/05/2016 Anthony Renz Released
Released 1B/3B Anthony Renz
05/05/2016 Jeff Dally Released
Released LHP Jeff Dally
05/05/2016 T. J. Wharton Released
Released C T. J. Wharton
05/02/2016 Ryan Gibson Signed
Signed LHP Ryan Gibson
05/02/2016 J.B. Kole Signed
Signed RHP J.B. Kole
04/28/2016 Keith Patton Signed
Signed RHP Keith Patton
04/28/2016 T. J. Wharton Signed
Signed C T.J. Wharton
04/27/2016 Chris Breen Signed
Signed 1B/OF Chris Breen
04/26/2016 Brodie Leibrandt Suspended
Suspended LHP Brodie Leibrandt
04/20/2016 Sammy Ayala Traded
Traded C Sammy Ayala to Joliet for third round pick in 2016 Frontier League draft
04/20/2016 Preston Olson Suspended
Suspended RHP Preston Olson
04/17/2016 Sammy Ayala Signed
Signed C Sammy Ayala
04/07/2016 Luc Rennie Signed
Signed RHP Luc Rennie
04/01/2016 Alex Cruz Released Released 3B Alex Cruz
03/24/2016 Edgar Lopez Suspended
Suspended RHP Edgar Lopez
03/24/2016 Shayne Houck Suspended
Suspended 3B Shayne Houck
03/24/2016 Blake Monar Suspended
Suspended LHP Blake Monar
03/21/2016 Kevin Kleis Signed
Signed RHP Kevin Kleis
03/21/2016 Randy McCurry Signed
Signed RHP Randy McCurry
03/21/2016 Jeff Dally Signed
Signed LHP Jeff Dally
03/19/2016 Kaeo Aliviado Signed
Signed OF Kaeo Alviado
03/15/2016 Cory Urquhart Released
Released SS Cory Urquhart
03/15/2016 Dean Wilson Released
Released INF Dean Wilson
03/10/2016 Chris Elder Released Released OF Chris Elder
03/02/2016 Tommie Danczyk Signed
Signed RHP Tommie Danczyk
02/27/2016 Payton Baskette Signed Signed LHP Payton Baskette
02/16/2016 Dylan Badura Signed
Signed LHP Dylan Badura
02/16/2016 Max Duval Signed
Signed RHP Max Duval
02/12/2016 Andre Martinez Signed
Signed LHP Andre Martinez
02/10/2016 Derrick Penilla Signed Signed LHP Derrick Penilla
02/09/2016 Ryan Minteer Signed
Signed RHP Ryan Minteer
02/05/2016 Buddy Elgin Signed Signed INF Buddy Elgin
01/29/2016 Ken Frosch Signed Signed LHP Ken Frosch
01/26/2016 Efrain Nieves Traded Traded LHP Efrain Nieves to Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League for OF/1B Ricky Claudio
01/26/2016 Derrick Penilla Acquired  Acquired LHP Derrick Penilla from Quebec Capitales of the Can-Am League for future considerations
01/26/2016 Victor Barron Signed  Signed 1B Victor Barron
11/24/2015 Thomas DeWolf Signed Signed OF Thomas DeWolf
11/11/2015 John Schultz Signed Signed OF John Schultz to contract extension
11/10/2015 Mike Jurgella Traded Traded C Mike Jurgella to River City for Rascals 1st round pick in 2016 Frontier League draft
11/09/2015 Julio Rodriguez Signed Signed C Julio Rodriguez
10/15/2015 Jonathan Haught Signed Signed C Jonathan Haught
09/08/2015 Connor Little Traded Traded RHP Connor Little to Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League for a player to be named later
09/08/2015 Brett Marshall Released Released RHP Brett Marshall
09/01/2015 Efriam Nieves Activated Activated LHP Efrain Nieves
09/01/2015 Shayne Houck Activated Activated 3B Shayne Houck
09/01/2015 Anthony Renz Disabled Placed 3B Anthony Renz on 14-day disabled list
08/17/2015 Jeremy Nowak Released Released OF Jeremy Nowak
08/17/2015 Preston Olson Disabled Transferred RHP Preston Olson from 7-day to 60-day disabled list
08/17/2015 Mike Jurgella Disabled Placed C Mike Jurgella on 7-day disabled list
08/17/2015 Anthony Renz Signed Signed 3B Anthony Renz
08/16/2015 Rolando Gomez Activated Activated INF Rolando Gomez
08/15/2015 Blake Monar Disabled Place LHP Blake Monar on 60-day disabled list
08/15/2015 Rolando Gomez Acquired Acquired INF Rolando Gomez from Gateway Grizzlies for Evansville's first-round draft choices in the 2016 and 2017 Frontier League drafts
08/14/2015 Chris Elder Acquired Acquired OF Chris Elder from Laredo Lemurs of the American Association for a player to be named later
08/13/2015 Clint Manzo Signed Signed RHP Clint Manzo
08/11/2015 Blaine Howell Signed Signed LHP Blaine Howell
08/10/2015 Christian Cox Released Released LHP Christian Cox
08/10/2015 Lance Phillips Released Released RHP Lance Phillips
08/10/2015 Preston Olson Disabled Placed RHP Preston Olson on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to Aug. 8
08/07/2015 Hunter Ackerman Acquired Acquired LHP Hunter Ackerman from Joliet Slammers for a player to be named later
08/04/2015 Will Oliver Releaed Released RHP Will Oliver
08/02/2015 Christian Cox Signed Signed RHP Christian Cox
08/01/2015 Alex Cruz Signed Signed INF Alex Cruz
07/30/2015 Brett Marshall Signed Signed RHP Brett Marshall
07/30/2015 Brodie Leirandt Signed Signed LHP Brodie Leibrandt
07/30/2015 Shayne Houck Disabled Placed 3B Shayne Houck on 14-day disabled list, retroactive to July 27
07/28/2015 Blake Monar Activated Activated LHP Blake Monar
07/27/2015 Tommy Danzcyk Released Released RHP Tommy Danzcyk
07/27/2015 Will White Released Released LHP Will White
07/26/2015 Efrain Nieves Disabled Placed LHP Efrain Nieves on 14-day disabled list, retroactive to July 24
07/22/2015 Preston Olson Activated Activated RHP Preston Olson
07/21/2015 Shane Weedman Activated Activiated RHP Shane Weedman
07/20/2015 Jake Raffaele Released Released LHP Jake Raffaele
07/13/2015 Blake Monar Disabled Placed LHP Blake Monar on 14-day disabled list, retroactive to July 12
07/10/2015 Preston Olson Disabled Pleaced RHP Preston Olson on 7-day disabled list
07/08/2015 Lance Phillips Signed Signed RHP Lance Phillips
07/01/2015 Dane Phillips Signed Signed C Dane Phillips
06/25/2015 Tommy Danczyk Signed Signed RHP Tommy Danczyk
06/25/2015 Shane Weedman Suspended Suspended RHP Shane Weedman
06/23/2015 Shane Weedman Signed Signed RHP Shane Weedman
06/22/2015 Brandon Shimo Released Released RHP Brandon Shimo
06/22/2015 Adam Mott Released Released RHP Adam Mott
06/22/2015 Evan Mott Released Released RHP Evan Mott
06/20/2015 Will White Signed Signed LHP Will White
06/19/2015 Rodney Daal Released Released C Rodney Daal
06/18/2015 Mike Jurgella Signed Signed C Mike Jurgella
06/17/2015 Dean Wilson Signed Signed INF Dean Wilson
06/17/2015 Jeremy Nowak Activated Activated INF Jeremy Nowak
06/15/2015 Ronnie Richardson Released Released OF Ronnie Richardson
06/15/2015 Jeff Birkofer Released Released INF Jeff Birkofer
06/15/2015 Nick Bornhauser Released Released 1B Nick Bornhauser
06/13/2015 Tyler Vail Disabled Placed RHP Tyler Vail on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to June 12
06/11/2015 Rodney Daal Activated Activated C Rodney Daal
06/11/2015 Jaime Del Valle Traded Traded C Jaime Del Valle to Gary Southshore Railcats of the American Association for a player to be named later
06/05/2015 Steve Sulcoski Released Released C Steve Sulcoski
05/13/2015 Clint Manzo Released Released RHP Clint Manzo
05/13/2015 Phillip Wilson Released Released INF Phillip Wilson
05/13/2015 Pat Kregeloh Released Released INF Pat Kregeloh
05/13/2015 Ben Henry Released Released RHP Ben Henry
05/13/2015 J.R. Higley Released Released OF J. R. Higley
05/13/2015 Steve Sulcoski Disabled Placed C Steve Sulcoski on 7-day disabled list
05/13/2015 Kolin Conner Released Released C Kolin Conner
05/13/2015 Nick Bornhauser Signed Signed 1B Nick Bornhauser
05/13/2015 J. D. Dorgan Signed Signed C J. D. Dorgan
05/10/2015 Rodney Daal Disabled Placed C Rodney Daal on 14-day disabled list
05/10/2015 Jeremy Nowak Disabled Placed INF Jeremy Nowak on 14-day disabled list
05/09/2015 Jordie Scheiner Released Released RHP Jordie Scheiner
05/09/2015 Brodie Leibrandt Released Released LHP Brodie Leibrandt
05/09/2015 Manuel Rivera Released Released LHP Manuel Rivera
05/09/2015 Logan Ehlers Released Released LHP Logan Ehlers
05/09/2015 Hunter Englehart Released Released RHP Hunter Englehart
05/09/2015 Johnny Dayton Released Released OF Johnny Dayton
05/09/2015 Adrian Carmona Released Released C Adrian Carmona
05/09/2015 Tyler Cuming Released Released RHP Tyler Cuming
05/05/2015 Efrain Nieves Signed Signed LHP Efrain Nieves
05/04/2015 Brodie Liebrandt Signed Signed LHP Brodie Liebrandt
05/01/2015 Jordie Scheiner Signed Signed RHP Jordie Scheiner
05/01/2015 Adrian Carmona Signed Signed C Adrian Carmona
05/01/2015 Hunter Englehart Signed Signed RHP Hunter Englehart
04/23/2015 Phillip Wilson Suspended Suspended INF Phillip Wilson
04/23/2015 J.R. Higley Suspended Suspended OF J.R. Higley
04/23/2015 Colin Konner Suspended Suspended C Colin Konner
04/22/2015 Steve Sulcoski Signed Signed C Steve Sulcoski
04/22/2015 Tyler Vail Signed Signed RHP Tyler Vail
04/22/2015 Ronnie Richardson Signed Signed OF Ronnie Richardson
04/20/2015 Ben Henry Signed Signed RHP Ben Henry
04/10/2015 Eric Massingham Suspended Suspended RHP Eric Massingham
04/10/2015 Cody Boutte Released Released LHP Cody Boutte
04/07/2015 Manuel Rivera Signed Signed LHP Manuel Rivera
04/07/2015 Logan Ehlers Signed Signed LHP Logan Ehlers
03/31/2015 Shayne Houck Signed Signed INF Shayne Houck
03/27/2015 Tyler Cuning Signed Signed RHP Tyler Cuning
02/26/2015 Adam Mott Signed Signed RHP Adam Mott
02/26/2015 Clint Manzo Signed Signed RHP Clint Manzo
02/20/2015 Rodney Daal Signed Signed C Rodney Daal
02/20/2015 Kurt Wertz Signed Signed OF Kurt Wertz
02/05/2015 Anthony Collazo Traded Traded LHP Anthony Collazo to Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League for a player to be named later
02/05/2015 Johnny Dayton Signed Signed OF Johnny Dayton
02/05/2015 Jeff Birkofer Signed Signed INF Jeff Birkofer
12/23/2014 Pat Kregeloh Signed Signed 3B Pat Kregeloh
09/24/2014 Jose Velez Sold Sold contract of LHP Jose Velez to Minnesota Twins
09/24/2014 Shayne Houck Sold Sold contract of 3B Shayne Houck to Arizona Diamondbacks
08/15/2014 Cody Boutte Signed Signed LHP Cody Boutte
08/11/2014 David Cruz Released Released C David Cruz
08/11/2014 Jaime Del Valle Acquired Acquired C Jaime Del Valle from Sonoma Stompers of the Pacific Association for future considerations.
08/07/2014 Edgar Lopez Signed Signed RHP Edgar Lopez
08/07/2014 Will Oliver Signed Signed RHP Will Oliver
08/07/2014 Conner Little Signed Signed RHP Conner Little
08/05/2014 Taylor Dennis Released Released RHP Taylor Dennis
08/05/2014 Conor Kerins Released Released LHP Conor Kerins
07/29/2014 Mike DeLong Released Released RHP Mike DeLong
07/28/2014 Mike DeLong Signed Signed RHP Mike DeLong
07/27/2014 Orlando Santos Traded Traded RHP Orlando Santos to Southern Maryland Bluecrabs of the Atlantic League for RHP Eric Massingham
07/21/2014 Taylor Dennis Activated Activated RHP Taylor Dennis
07/21/2014 Conor Kerins Signed Signed LHP Conor Kerins
07/21/2014 Zach Fowler Retired Placed LHP Zach Fowler on retired list
07/14/2014 Chad James Sold Sold contract of LHP Chad James to Texas Rangers
07/14/2014 Taylor Dennis Disabled Placed RHP Taylor Dennis on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to July 11
07/05/2014 Zach Fowler Signed Signed LHP Zach Fowler
07/01/2014 Conor Kerins Released Released LHP Conor Kerins
06/30/2014 Zach Petersime Released Released RHP Zach Petersime
06/28/2014 Robert Ramer Sold Sold contract of RHP Robert Ramer to San Francisco Giants
06/26/2014 Evan Mott Activated Activated RHP Evan Mott
06/19/2014 Terance Marin Sold Sold contract of RHP Terance Marin to Chicago White Sox
06/18/2014 Phillip Wilson Signed Signed INF Phillip Wilson
06/16/2014 Stephen Rodgers Released Released INF Stephen Rodgers
06/11/2014 Anthony Collazo Activated Activated LHP Anthony Collazo
06/10/2014 Chad Robinson Traded Traded RHP Chad Robinson to Rockland Boulders of the Can-Am League for a player to be named later
06/02/2014 Nick Schwaner Traded Traded 1B Nick Schwaner to Kansas City T-Bones of the American Association to complete a previous trade and for a player to be named later
05/24/2014 Brandon Shimo Signed Signed RHP Brandon Shimo
05/21/2014 Nick Schwaner Activated Activated 1B Nick Schwaner
05/21/2014 Blake Monar Disabled Placed LHP Blake Monar on 7-day disabled list
05/14/2014 Evan Mott Disabled Placed RHP Evan Mott on 14-day disabled list
05/14/2014 Anthony Collazo Disabled Placed LHP Anthony Collazo on14-day disabled list
05/14/2014 Nick Schwaner Disabled Placed 1B Nick Schwaner on 7-day disabled list
05/14/2014 Nick Schwaner Reacquired Received 1B Nick Schwaner from Southern Maryland Bluecrabs of the Atlantic League to complete a previous trade
05/14/2014 John Harris Released Released C John Harris
05/14/2014 David Cruz Signed Signed C David Cruz
05/14/2014 Joe Solameno Released Released C Joe Solomeno
05/13/2014 Tim Brechbuehler Released Released RHP Tim Brechbuehler
05/13/2014 Dan Killian Released Released RHP Dan Killian
05/12/2014 Kolin Conner Acquired Acquired C Kolin Conner from Joliet for the Otters' third round pick in the 2015 Frontier League draft
05/12/2014 James Mallard Released Released 1B James Mallard
05/12/2014 Conor Kerins Suspended Suspended LHP Conor Kerins
05/12/2014 Ryan Gibson Released Released LHP Ryan Gibson
05/12/2014 Mike Hanley Released Released LHP Mike Hanley
05/11/2014 Ryan McChesney Released Released C Ryan McChesney
05/11/2014 Erik Gonsalves Released Released RHP Eric Gonsalves
05/11/2014 Jon Dzimoba Released Released INF Jon Dzimoba
05/10/2014 Stephen Rodgers Acquired Acquired SS Stephen Rodgers from Kansas City T-Bones of the American Association for future considerations
05/10/2014 Eric Gonsalves Signed Signed RHP Eric Gonsalves
05/09/2014 Anthony Torres Released Released INF Anthony Torres
05/09/2014 Rey Otero Released Released C Rey Otero
05/09/2014 Jon Jones Released Released LHP Jon Jones
05/09/2014 Eddie Medina Released Released RHP Eddie Medina
05/09/2014 Ryan Retz Released Released OF Ryan Retz
05/09/2014 Ray Delvalle Released Released INF Ray Delvalle
05/09/2014 Dan Marcacci Released Released RHP Dan Marcacci
05/09/2014 Cory Urquhart Acquired Acquired INF Cory Urquhart from Gary Railcats of the American Association for a player to be named later
05/07/2014 Terance Marin Signed Signed RHP Terance Marin
05/04/2014 Tim Brechbuehler Signed Signed RHP Tim Brechbuehler
05/03/2014 Dan Killian Signed Signed RHP Dan Killian
05/02/2014 Rey Otero Signed Signed C Rey Otero
05/02/2014 Anthony Collazo Signed Signed LHP Anthony Collazo
05/01/2014 Chad James Signed Signed LHP Chad James
04/30/2014 Conor Kerins Signed Signed LHP Conor Kerins
04/30/2014 Ray Delvalle Signed Signed INF Ray Delvalle
04/29/2014 Edgar Lopez Suspended Suspended RHP Edgar Lopez
04/29/2014 Mike Hanley Suspended Suspended LHP Mike Hanley
04/29/2014 Ryan Gibson Suspended Suspended LHP Ryan Gibson
04/25/2014 Edgar Lopez Signed Signed RHP Edgar Lopez
04/22/2014 James Mallard Suspended Suspended 1B James Mallard
04/22/2014 Taylor Dennis Signed Signed RHP Taylor Dennis
04/09/2014 Nik Balog Signed Signed 1B Nik Balog
04/08/2014 Ryan McChesney Signed Signed C Ryan McChesney
04/07/2014 Eddie Medina Signed Signed RHP Eddie Medina
04/05/2014 John Harris Signed Signed C John Harris
04/04/2014 Anthony Torrez Signed Signed SS Anthony Torrez
04/01/2014 Jeremy Nowak Signed Signed OF Jeremy Nowak
03/27/2014 Shayne Houck Signed Signed INF Shayne Houck
03/21/2014 Josh Allen Signed Signed INF Josh Allen
03/20/2014 Dan Marcacci Signed Signed RHP Dan Marcacci
03/19/2014 Preston Olson Acquired Acquired RHP Preston Olson from the Sioux City Explorers of the American Association for a player to be named later
03/19/2014 Jon Jones Signed Signed LHP Jon Jones
03/17/2014 Jon Dziomba Acquired Received INF Jon Dziomba from San Angelo Colts of the United League in exchange for future considerations
03/14/2014 Ricardo Lizcano Released Released OF Ricardo Lizcano
03/07/2014 Chris Sweeney Signed Signed OF Chris Sweeney
03/04/2014 Ryan Retz Signed Signed OF Ryan Retz
02/27/2014 Zach Petersime Signed Signed RHP Zach Petersime
02/12/2014 Matt Zielinski Traded Traded LHP Matt Zielinski to the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League for a player to be named later
01/23/2014 Brian Erie Traded Traded C Brian Erie to the Kansas City T-Bones of the American Association for RHP Chad Robinson
12/13/2013 Anthony Collazo Sold Sold contract of LHP Anthony Collazo to Arizona Diamondbacks
12/12/2013 Taylor Black Released Released INF Taylor Black
11/21/2013 Scott Weismann Traded Traded RHP Scott Weismann to Rockland Boulders of the Can-Am League to complete earlier trade
11/21/2013 John Nester Traded Traded C John Nester to Rockland Boulders of the Can-Am League to complete earlier trade
10/25/2013 Ryan Zamorsky Traded Traded LHP Ryan Zamorsky to Washington to complete earlier trade
10/25/2013 Ryan Kresky Traded Traded INF Ryan Kresky to Washington to complete earlier trade
09/01/2013 Nick Schwaner Traded Traded 1B Nick Schwaner to Southern Maryland Blue Cats of the Atlantic League
08/25/2013 J.R. Higley Activated Activated OF J. R. Higley
08/18/2013 Jimmy Maxwell Released Released 1B Jimmy Maxwell
08/18/2013 John Nester Signed Signed C John Nester to contract extension
08/17/2013 James Mallard Signed Signed 1B James Mallard
08/13/2013 Anthony Collazo Acquired Acquired LHP Anthony Collazo from Washington Wild Things for player to be named later
08/10/2013 Jose Velez Disabled Placed LHP Jose Velez on 14-day injured list, retroactive to August 9
08/07/2013 Chris Elder Signed Signed OF Chris Elder
08/07/2013 J.R. Higley Disabled Placed OF J.R. Higley on injured list, retroactive to August 4
08/04/2013 Jose Velez Activated Activated LHP Jose Velez
08/04/2013 Caleb Cuevas Released Released RHP Caleb Cuevas
08/04/2013 Michael Hepple Released Released RHP Michael Hepple
08/03/2013 Robert Ramer Signed Signed RHP Robert Ramer
08/03/2013 Orlando Santos Acquired Acquired RHP Orlando Santos from Washington Wild Things for player to be named later
07/31/2013 Jimmy Maxwell Signed Signed 1B Jimmy Maxwell
07/31/2013 Joe Solomeno Signed Signed C Joe Solomeno
07/31/2013 Blake Monar Disabled Placed LHP Blake Monar on 60-day injured list
07/31/2013 Jordan Tripp Released Released OF Jordan Tripp
07/31/2013 C.J. Henry Disabled Placed OF C.J. Henry on 60-day injured list
07/25/2013 Michael Hepple Signed Signed RHP Michael Hepple
07/24/2013 Rich Hawkins Released Released LHP Rich Hawkins
07/24/2013 Christian Kowalchuk Released Released LHP Christian Kowalchuk
07/24/2013 Jose Velez Disabled Placed LHP Jose Velez on 7-day injured list
07/24/2013 Activated Activated RHP Caleb Cuevas
07/24/2013 Blake Monar Signed Signed LHP Blake Monar
07/22/2013 Bryce Morrow Sold Sold contract of RHP Bryce Morrow to San Diego Padres
07/19/2013 Evan Mott Signed Signed RHP Evan Mott
07/12/2013 Retired Placed RHP Josh Joseph on retired list
07/12/2013 Signed Signed LHP Christian Kowalchuk
07/11/2013 Brandon Adkins Released Released RHP Brandon Adkins
07/10/2013 Brian Erie Signed Signed C Brian Erie
07/09/2013 Signed Signed OF Jordan Tripp
07/08/2013 Chris Munoz Released Released INF Chris Munoz
07/08/2013 Sam Mahoney Released Released C Sam Mahoney
07/08/2013 Matt Crim Released Released LHP Matt Crim
07/08/2013 Jose Velez Signed Signed LHP Jose Velez
07/07/2013 Trevor Walch Signed Signed RHP Trevor Walch
07/07/2013 Brandon Adkins Signed Signed RHP Brandon Adkins
07/07/2013 Jason Ridenhour Released Released LHP Jason Ridenhour
07/07/2013 Pat Goelz Released Released RHP Pat Goelz
07/06/2013 Disabled Placed RHP Caleb Cuevas on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to July 4
07/06/2013 Mike Hanley Signed Signed LHP Mike Hanley
07/05/2013 Ricardo Lizcano Acquired Acquired OF Ricardo Lizcano from Lake Erie for a player to be named later
07/02/2013 Cody Saranthus Traded Traded RHP Coty Saranthus to Traveling Greys for a player to be named later
06/22/2013 J.R. Higley Signed Signed OF J.R. Higley
06/20/2013 Caleb Cuevas Activated Activated RHP Caleb Cuevas
06/20/2013 Kyle Wormington Released Released RHP Kyle Wormington
06/20/2013 Andrew Clark Sold Sold contract of 1B Andrew Clark to N.Y. Yankees
06/19/2013 Chris Munoz Signed Signed INF Chris Munoz
06/19/2013 Ryan Gibson Signed Signed LHP Ryan Gibson
06/19/2013 Deaun Williams Released Released OF Deaun Williams
06/19/2013 Patrick Crider Released Released LHP Patrick Crider
06/13/2013 Pat Goelz Signed Signed RHP Pat Goelz
06/13/2013 Mark Willinsky Released Released RHP Mark Willinsky
06/09/2013 Alex Sunderland Released Released RHP Alex Sunderland
06/09/2013 Kyle Wormington Signed Signed RHP Kyle Wormington
06/06/2013 Caleb Cuevas Disabled Placed RHP Caleb Cuevas on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to June 3
06/01/2013 Rich Hawkins Signed Signed LHP Rich Hawkins
05/31/2013 Luis Uribe Released Released OF Luis Uribe
05/30/2013 Patrick Dolan Released Released RHP Patrick Dolan
05/30/2013 Josh Joseph Signed Signed RHP Josh Joseph
05/29/2013 Alex Sunderland Signed Signed RHP Alex Sunderland
05/26/2013 Ricky Bowen Released Released RHP Ricky Bowen
05/26/2013 Matt Little Released Released RHP Matt Little
05/26/2013 Ricky Bowen Activated Activated RHP Ricky Bowen
05/15/2013 Obed Quiles Disabled Placed C Obed Quiles on 14-day disabled list
05/15/2013 Ricky Bowen Disabled Placed RHP Ricky Bowen on 7-day disabled list
05/14/2013 Blake Monar Released Released LHP Blake Monar
05/14/2013 Garrett Bullock Released Released LHP Garrett Bullock
05/13/2013 Ryan Zamorsky Received Received RHP Ryan Zamorsky from Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League for a player to be named later
05/12/2013 Mark Willinsky Suspended Suspended RHP Mark Willinsky
05/12/2013 Wynn Pelzer Released Released RHP Wynn Pelzer
05/12/2013 Chris Monar Released Released RHP Chris Monar
05/11/2013 Eric Massingham Signed Signed RHP Eric Massingham
05/11/2013 Caleb Cuevas Signed Signed RHP Caleb Cuevas
05/11/2013 David Kubiak Released Released RHP David Kubiak
05/11/2013 Runey Davis Released Released OF Runey Davis
05/11/2013 Eduardo Gonzalez Released Released OF Eduardo Gonzalez
05/11/2013 Luis Parache Traded Traded SS Luis Parache to Frontier Greys for a player to be named later
05/07/2013 Matt Barger Released Released LHP Matt Barger
05/07/2013 Jamie Del Valle Released Released C Jamie Del Valle
05/02/2013 Blake Monar Signed Signed LHP Blake Monar
05/02/2013 Jamie Del Valle Signed Signed C Jamie Del Valle
05/01/2013 Jason Ridenhour Signed Signed LHP Jason Ridenhour
05/01/2013 Obed Quiles Signed Signed C Obed Quiles
05/01/2013 Chris Motta Signed Signed RHP Chris Motta
05/01/2013 DeAngelo Mack Suspended Suspended OF DeAngelo Mack
05/01/2013 Matt Sheely Suspended Suspended OF Matt Sheely
05/01/2013 Greg Fontenot Suspended Suspended INF Greg Fontenot
04/24/2013 C.J. Henry Signed Signed OF C.J. Henry
04/24/2013 Matt Barger Signed Signed RHP Matt Barger
04/22/2013 Mark Willinsky Received Received RHP Mark Willinsky from San Angelo of the United League to complete prior trade
04/18/2013 John Schultz Signed Signed OF John Schultz
04/07/2013 Scott Weismann Signed Signed RHP Scott Weismann
04/07/2013 Andrew Clark Signed Signed 1B Andrew Clark
04/05/2013 Brett Walters Released Released C Brett Walters
04/05/2013 Brett Chamberlain Released Released C Brett Chamberlain
04/03/2013 John Nester Signed Signed C John Nester
04/03/2013 Ricky Bowen Signed Signed RHP Ricky Bowen
04/02/2013 Coty Saranthus Signed Signed RHP Coty Saranthus
04/02/2013 Matt Little Signed Signed RHP Matt Little
03/26/2013 Sam Mahoney Signed Signed C Sam Mahoney
03/24/2013 Eduardo Gonzalez Signed Signed 1B Eduardo Gonzalez
03/22/2013 Todd Hughson Released Released LHP Todd Hughson
03/08/2013 Ryan Kresky Signed Signed SS Ryan Kresky
03/04/2013 Deaun Williams Signed Signed OF Deaun Williams
08/25/2012 Eric Massingham Traded Traded RHP Eric Massingham to Fargo-Moorhead of the American Association for a player to be named later
08/18/2012 Frank Martinez Activated Activated INF Frank Martinez from the injured list.
08/13/2012 Placed Placed C Brett Chamberlain on the 60-day Injured List.
08/13/2012 Released Released RHP Nick Montgomery
08/13/2012 Released Released RHP Kevin Christy
08/13/2012 Signed Signed LHP Todd Hughson
08/13/2012 Patrick Dolan Signed Signed RHP Patrick Dolan
08/13/2012 Signed Signed C Brent Walters.
08/10/2012 Greg Fontenot Placed Placed INF Greg Fontenot on the 14-day Injured List, retroactive to August 7.
08/03/2012 Traded Traded RHP Tyree Hayes to the Rockford RiverHawks to complete an earlier trade.
08/02/2012 Signed Signed RHP Kevin Christy.
07/31/2012 Garrett Bullock Placed Placed LHP Garrett Bullock on the 14-day Injured List retroactive to July 29.
07/31/2012 Matt Sheely Placed Placed OF Matt Sheely on the seven day Injured List retroactive to July 29.
07/24/2012 DJ Ponder Released Released RHP D.J. Ponder
07/22/2012 Garrett Bullock Activated Activated LHP Garrett Bullock from the 7-day Injured List.
07/14/2012 Andrew Kuhn Released Released C/1B Andrew Kuhn.
06/20/2012 Kevin Lovelace Released Released INF Kevin Lovelace.
06/20/2012 Sean Woolard Released Released RHP Sean Woolard
06/20/2012 Nick Montgomery Signed Signed RHP Nick Montgomery.
06/20/2012 Taylor Black Signed Signed SS Taylor Black.
06/20/2012 Jeff Hulett Signed Signed INF Jeff Hulett.
06/19/2012 Frank Martinez Placed Placed infielder Frank Martinez on the 14-day injured list retroactive to June 17.
06/16/2012 Nick Colwell Signed Signed OF Nick Colwell
06/15/2012 Steven "Bubba" Garcia Released Released catcher Steve "Bubba" Garcia
06/15/2012 Alfredo Venegas Released Released RHP Alfredo Venegas
06/14/2012 DJ Ponder Signed Signed RHP DJ Ponder.
06/12/2012 Luis Uribe Signed Signed OF Luis Uribe
06/09/2012 Danny Hernandez Traded Traded INF Danny Hernandez to the San Angelo Colts of the North American League for a player to be named later.
06/08/2012 Sean Woolard Signed Signed RHP Sean Woolard.
06/08/2012 Troy Frazier Released Released OF Troy Frazier
06/07/2012 Cory Trudell Released Released RHP Cory Trudell.
06/07/2012 Jon Karcich Released Released SS Jon Karcich.
06/07/2012 Luis Parache Signed Signed INF Luis Parache.
05/31/2012 Greg Fontenot Signed Signed INF Greg Fontenot
05/25/2012 Greg Fontenot Signed Signed INF Greg Fontenot.
05/25/2012 DeAngelo Mack Traded, signed The Evansville Otters received OF Deangelo Mack in a trade from the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League. The deal is for a player to be named later. Mack signed a contract that afternoon.
05/25/2012 Nick Farnsworth Released Released 1B Nick Farnsworth
05/23/2012 Don DiPetta Released Released INF Don DiPetta.
05/18/2012 Don DiPetta Signed Signed INF Don DiPetta.
05/16/2012 Lucas Shaw Released Released catcher Lucas Shaw.
05/16/2012 Ryde Rodriguez Released Released OF Ryde Rodriguez.
05/16/2012 Josh Cephas Released Released RHP Josh Cephas.
05/16/2012 Alfredo Venegas Placed Placed RHP Alfredo Venegas on the 14-day Injured List, retroactive to May 13.
05/16/2012 Sergio Miranda Purchased INF Sergio Miranda's contact was purchased by the Atlanta Braves organization.
05/13/2012 Adam Wisniewski Released Released RHP Adam Wisniewski
05/13/2012 Matt Trent Released Released RHP Matt Trent
05/10/2012 Luis Uribe Trade Traded OF Luis Uribe to the Laredo Lemurs of the American Association.
05/09/2012 Brian Hobbs Released Released RHP Brian Hobbs.
05/08/2012 Sergio Miranda Signed Signed INF Sergio Miranda.
05/08/2012 Released Released RHP Kyle Barry
05/08/2012 Released Released RHP Steve Matre
05/08/2012 Released Released RHP Kyle Ocampo.
05/08/2012 Released Released RHP Steve Raburn
05/08/2012 Released Released INF Ryan Still.
05/04/2012 Ryde Rodriguez Signed Signed OF Ryde Rodriguez.
05/04/2012 Greg Alexander Placed Placed OF Greg Alexander on the suspended list.
05/03/2012 Matt Crim Signed Signed LHP Matt Crim.
05/03/2012 Nick Farnsworth Signed Signed 1B Nick Farnsworth.
05/03/2012 Lucas Shaw Signed Signed C Lucas Shaw.
05/03/2012 Danny Hernandez Placed Placed INF Danny Hernandez on the suspended list.
05/01/2012 Lucas Shaw Drafted The Otters drafted C Lucas Shaw with their second round pick of the 2012 Frontier League Draft.
05/01/2012 Nick Farnsworth Drafted The Otters drafted 1B Nick Farnsworth with the 3rd overall pick in the 2012 Draft.
05/01/2012 Dan Blewett Signed Signed RHP Dan Blewett
04/25/2012 Hayes, Tyree Signed Signed RHP Tyree Hayes.
04/24/2012 Chamberlain, Brett Re-signed Re-signed C Brett Chamberlain
04/23/2012 Champion, Adam Signed Signed LHP Adam Champion.
04/21/2012 Durant, Michael Placed Placed 1B Mike Durant on the 14-day disabled list.
04/20/2012 Martinez, Frank Trade Traded for INF Frank Martinez from the Kansas City T-Bones for future considerations.
04/20/2012 Venegas, Alfredo Signed Signed RHP Alfredo Venegas.
04/20/2012 Karcich, Jon Signed Signed SS Jon Karcich.
04/20/2012 Garcia, Steven "Bubba" Signed Signed C Steven "Bubba" Garcia.
04/18/2012 Trudell, Cory Re-signed Re-signed RHP Cory Trudell.
04/16/2012 Holley, John Signed Signed RHP John Holley.
04/13/2012 Schwaner, Nick Signed Signed OF Nick Schwaner.
04/12/2012 Kuhn, Andrew Signed Signed C Andrew Kuhn.
04/10/2012 Sheely, Matt Signed Signed OF Matt Sheely.
04/10/2012 Holley, John Received Received RHP John Holley in a trade from the Maui Na Koa Ikaika of the North American League for Future Considerations.
04/07/2012 Ocampo, Kyle Signed Signed RHP Kevin Ocampo.
04/02/2012 Hernandez, Danny Signed Signed INF Danny Hernandez
03/30/2012 Matre, Steve Signed Signed RHP Steve Matre.
03/29/2012 Bullock, Garrett Signed Signed LHP Garrett Bullock.
03/28/2012 Walton, Jamar Trade Traded OF Jamar Walton to the San Angelo Colts of the North American League for INF Danny Hernandez.
03/27/2012 Jordan, Jared Released Released UTIL Jared Jordan
03/27/2012 Uribe, Luis Signed Signed OF Luis Uribe
03/26/2012 Caseres, Steve Released Released 1B Steve Caseres.
03/26/2012 Fontenot, Greg Released Released shortstop Greg Fontenot.
03/22/2012 Satriano, Joey Released Released pitcher Joey Satriano
03/22/2012 Morrow, Bryce Signed Signed pitcher Bryce Morrow.
03/21/2012 Crider, Patrick Re-signed Re-signed LHP Patrick Crider.
03/20/2012 Released Released 3B Chad Salem.
08/31/2011 Massingham, Eric Traded Traded RHP Eric Massingham to Somerset of the Atlantic League in exchange for a player to be named later
08/30/2011 Trudell, Cory Suspended Suspended RHP Cory Trudell
08/15/2011 Killian, Dan Signed Signed C Dan Killian
08/15/2011 Spiers, Joe Disabled Placed INF Joe Spiers on 7-day disabled list
08/15/2011 Rahier, Bryson Released Released C Bryson Rahier
08/15/2011 Purcell, Ryne Released Released RHP Ryne Purcell
08/15/2011 Salem, Chad Signed Signed INF Chad Salem
08/15/2011 Trudell, Cory Signed Signed RHP Cory Trudell
08/09/2011 Odom, J.T. Released Released RHP J.T. Odom
08/09/2011 Willinsky, Mark Signed Signed RHP Mark Willinsky
07/31/2011 Zielinski, Matt Signed Signed LHP Matt Zielinski
07/31/2011 Durant, Michael Disabled Placed 1B/DH Mike Durant on the 14-Day Injured List (retroactive to July 28).
07/28/2011 Eastham, Kyle Released Released RHP Kyle Eastham
07/28/2011 Killian, Billy Placed Moved C Billy Killian to the 60-day disabled list.
07/28/2011 Chamberlain, Brett Placed Placed C Brett Chamberlain on the 60-day Disabled List.
07/28/2011 Hernandez, Jose Signed Signed OF Jose Hernandez
07/26/2011 Rahier, Bryson Signed Signed C Bryson Rahier
07/22/2011 Killian, Billy Disabled Placed C Billy Killian on 14-day disabled list retroactive to July 21
07/20/2011 Foltz, Alex Activated Activated OF Alex Foltz off the 7-day disabled list
07/18/2011 Thorne, Jeremy Released Released RHP Jeremy Thorne
07/18/2011 Chamberlain, Brett Placed Placed C Brett Chamberlain on the 14-day disabled list.
07/18/2011 Trent, Matt Signed Signed RHP Matt Trent
07/17/2011 Satriano, Joey Signed Signed RHP Joey Satriano
07/14/2011 Britton, Phillip Signed Signed C Phillip Britton
07/08/2011 Francis, David Released Released RHP David Francis
07/07/2011 Foltz, Alex Disabled Placed OF Alex Foltz on 7-day disabled list
07/07/2011 McKeown, Sean Released Released LHP Sean McKeown
07/05/2011 Purcell, Ryne Activated Activated RHP Ryne Purcell
07/05/2011 McKeown, Sean Disabled Placed LHP Sean McKeown on 7-day disabled list
07/01/2011 Durant, Michael Activated Activated 1B Michael Durant
06/29/2011 McKeown, Sean Signed Signed LHP Sean McKeown
06/29/2011 Caseres, Steve Signed Signed 1B Steve Caseres
06/29/2011 Sequeira, P.J. Released Released INF P.J. Sequeira
06/29/2011 Purcell, Ryne Disabled Placed RHP Ryne Purcell on 7-day disabled list
06/24/2011 Thorne, Jeremy Activated Activated RHP Jeremy Thorne
06/23/2011 Waltenbury, Jonathan Released Released 1B Jonathan Waltenbury
06/22/2011 Waltenbury, Jonathan Suspended Suspended 1B Jonathan Waltenbury
06/21/2011 Odom, J.T. Signed Signed RHP J.T. Odom
06/21/2011 Mintken, Korby Released Released INF Korby Mintken
06/21/2011 Anton, Mike Released Released LHP Mike Anton
06/21/2011 Eastham, Kyle Signed Signed RHP Kyle Eastham
06/19/2011 Scarduzio, Vinnie Released Released OF Vinnie Scarduzio
06/19/2011 Bagley, Josh Released Released P Josh Bagley
06/19/2011 Fontenot, Greg Signed Signed INF Greg Fontenot
06/17/2011 Frazier, Troy Signed Signed OF Troy Frazier
06/17/2011 Thorne, Jeremy Disabled Placed P Jeremy Thorne on the 7-day disabled list
06/17/2011 Durant, Michael Disabled Placed 1B Michael Durant on the 14-day disabled list
06/14/2011 Durant, Michael Disabled Placed 1B Michael Durant on 7-day disabled list
06/14/2011 Killian, Billy Activated Activated C Billy Killian
06/13/2011 Ebert, Nick Released Released INF Nick Ebert
06/13/2011 Burns, Greg Released Released OF Greg Burns
06/13/2011 Still, Ryan Signed Signed INF Ryan Still
06/13/2011 Foltz, Alex Signed Signed OF Alex Foltz
06/13/2011 Bagley, Josh Signed Signed RHP Josh Bagley
06/13/2011 Wisniewski, Adam Signed Signed RHP Adam Wisniewski
06/12/2011 Erwin, Drew Released Released RHP Drew Erwin
06/12/2011 Kitchens, Wayde Released Released RHP Wayde Kitchens
06/12/2011 Purcell, Ryne Signed Signed RHP Ryan Purcell
06/04/2011 Killian, Billy Disabled Placed C Billy Killian on 7-day disabled list
06/04/2011 Durant, Michael Activated Activated 1B Michael Durant
06/01/2011 Waltenbury, Jonathan Activated Activated 1B Jonathan Waltenbury
05/31/2011 Marcacci, Dan Signed Signed RHP Dan Marcacci
05/31/2011 Francis, David Signed Signed RHP David Francis
05/31/2011 Ritchie, Brandon Released Released LHP Brandon Ritchie
05/30/2011 Durant, Michael Disabled Placed 1B Michael Durant on 7-day disabled list, retroactive to May 28
05/30/2011 Lamar, Travis Released Released RHP Travis Lamar
05/28/2011 Anton, Michael Activated Activated LHP Michael Anton
05/24/2011 Chamberlain, Brett Signed Signed C Brett Chamberlain
05/24/2011 Morris, Ryan Released Released LHP Ryan Morris
05/24/2011 Kam, Stuart Released Released C Stuart Kam
05/21/2011 Signed Signed 1B Nick Ebert
05/18/2011 Disabled

Placed LHP Michael Anton on 7-day disabled list

05/18/2011 Disabled Placed 1B Jonathan Waltenbury on 14-day disabled list
05/18/2011 Kam, Stuart Signed Signed C Stuart Kam
05/18/2011 Davis, Toby Released Released 3B Toby Davis
05/18/2011 Worthington, Kent Released Released RHP Kent Worthington
05/18/2011 Rollins, Chris Released Released RHP Chris Rollins
05/18/2011 Fowler, Brandon Released Released C Brandon Fowler
05/13/2011 Brinkerhoff, Jace Released Released 3B Jace Brinkerhoff
05/06/2011 Signed Signed LHP Michael Anton
05/06/2011 Weimer, Chris Released Released OF Chris Weimer
05/05/2011 Thompson, Nathan Signed Signed C Nathan Thompson
05/05/2011 Hayes, LaDale Signed Signed RHP LaDale Hayes
04/29/2011 Rollins, Chris Signed Signed RHP Chris Rollins
04/28/2011 Jordan, Jared Signed Signed C Jared Jordan
04/25/2011 Champagnie, Marcel Released Released SS Marcel Champagnie
04/25/2011 Morris, Ryan Signed Signed LHP Ryan Morris
04/23/2011 Sequeira, P.J. Signed Signed 3B P.J. Sequeira
04/21/2011 Thorne, Jeremy Signed Signed RHP Jeremy Thorne
04/20/2011 Kelley, Scott Signed Signed RHP Scott Kelley
04/18/2011 Tweddale, Payton Released Released LHP Payton Tweddale
04/13/2011 Mintken, Korby Signed Signed SS Korby Mintken
04/11/2011 Clemons, Chad Released Released C Chad Clemons
04/06/2011 Massingham, Eric Signed Signed RHP Eric Massingham
04/05/2011 Derek Wiley, Chris Peters, Nick Sottung Released Released 1B Derek Wiley, LHP Chris Peters and RHP Nick Sottung
04/05/2011 Ritchie, Brandon Signed Signed LHP Brandon Ritchie
04/04/2011 Erwin, Drew Signed Signed RHP Drew Erwin
04/02/2011 Cephas, Josh Signed Signed RHP Josh Cephas
04/01/2011 Walton, Jamar Signed Signed OF Jamar Walton
04/01/2011 Durant, Michael Signed Signed 1B Michael Durant
03/30/2011 Roenicke, Jason Traded Traded RHP Jason Roenicke to Chico Outlaws of the North American League for a player to be named later
03/22/2011 Weimer, Chris Signed Signed OF Chris Weimer
03/22/2011 Burns, Greg Signed Signed OF Greg Burns
03/17/2011 Fowler, Brandon Signed Signed C Brandon Fowler
03/17/2011 Spiers, Joe Acquired Traded RHP Jared Simon to Wichita of the American Association in exchange for 2B Joe Spiers
03/17/2011 Brinkerhoff, Jace Signed Signed 3B Jace Brinkerhoff
12/20/2010 Kitchens, Wayde Selected Selected RHP Wayde Kitchens from Oakland County in the dispersal draft
12/06/2010 Clemons, Chad Signed Signed C Chad Clemons
11/12/2010 Kahn, David Signed Signed OF David Kahn
10/14/2010 Rollins, Chris Released Released RHP Chris Rollins
08/24/2010 Aspaas, Cameron Suspended Suspended RHP Cameron Aspaas
08/20/2010 Rogers, Jake Activated Activated INF Jake Rogers
08/17/2010 Ball, Jarred Released Released OF Jarred Ball
08/16/2010 Waltenbury, Jonathan Signed Signed 1B Jonathan Waltenbury
08/16/2010 O'Neill, Corey Released Released 1B Corey O'Neill
08/13/2010 Champagnie, Marcel Activated Activated SS Marcel Champagnie
08/13/2010 Alvarado, Andre Released Released SS Andre Alvarado
08/11/2010 Signed Signed OF Jeff Hanson
08/10/2010 Worthington, Kent Signed Signed RHP Kent Worthington
08/09/2010 Wells, Andy Released Released RHP Andy Wells
08/09/2010 Avella, Vin Released Released 1B Vin Avella
08/06/2010 O'Neill, Corey Acquired Acquired INF Corey O'Neill from Big Bend Cowboys of the Continental League to complete an earlier trade
08/06/2010 Disabled Transferred INF Jake Rogers from 7-day to 14-day injured reserve list
08/06/2010 Champagnie, Marcel Disabled Placed INF Marcel Champagnie on 7-day injured reserve list
08/06/2010 Weimer, Chris Released Released OF Chris Weimer
07/31/2010 Perez, Eduardo Released Released RHP Eduardo Perez
07/31/2010 Rogers, Jake Disabled Placed INF Jake Rogers on 7-day injured reserve list retroactive to July 29
07/31/2010 Tweddale, Payton Signed Signed LHP Payton Tweddale
07/30/2010 Davis, Toby Acquired Acquired INF Toby Davis from Gateway in exchange for RHP Jacinto Gonell
07/29/2010 Avella, Vin Signed Signed 1B Vin Avella
07/28/2010 Traded Traded 1B Brandon Cohen and INF Patrick Rose to Florence for RHP Cameron Aspaas and RHP Jacinto Gonell
07/28/2010 Champagnie, Marcel Activated Activated SS Marcel Champagnie
07/25/2010 Wells, Andy Signed Signed RHP Andy Wells
07/22/2010 Morales, Angelo Released Released RHP Angelo Morales
07/21/2010 Stanton, Zach Released Released INF Zach Stanton
07/21/2010 Lugo, Jorge Released Released LHP Jorge Lugo
07/19/2010 Ball, Jarred Signed Signed OF Jarred Ball
07/19/2010 Harris, Estee Traded Traded OF Estee Harris to Camden of the Atlantic League for future considerations
07/18/2010 Davis, Toby Suspended Suspended LHP Brett Davis
07/18/2010 Kolb, Brian Acquired Acquired INF Brian Kolb from the Gary Southshore Railcats of the Northern League in exchange for a player to be named later
07/17/2010 Rollins, Chris Signed Signed RHP Chris Rollins
07/17/2010 Alvarado, Andre Signed Signed SS Andre Alvarado
07/14/2010 D'Amico, Nick Signed Signed INF Nick D'Amico
07/13/2010 Davis, Andy Acquired Acquired LHP Brett Davis from Kansas City T-Bones of the Northern League as part of a three-team trade that sent RHP Robert Romero to the Fort Worth Cats of the American Association
07/11/2010 Lamar, Travis Acquired Acquired RHP Travis LaMar from Lake Erie for C Brett Urie and future considerations
07/11/2010 Ross, Cody Released Released 1B Cody Ross
07/07/2010 Champagnie, Marcel Disabled Placed SS Marcel Champagnie on 14-day injured reserve list retroactive to July 4
07/06/2010 Romero, Robert Activated Activated RHP Robert Romero
06/28/2010 Romero, Robert Disabled Placed RHP Robert Romero on 7-day injured reserve list retroactive to June 27
06/27/2010 Champagnie, Marcel Activated Activated SS Marcel Champagnie
06/26/2010 Wiley, Derek Signed Signed 1B Derek Wiley
06/26/2010 Romero, Carlos Released Released OF Carlos Romero
06/23/2010 Urie, Brad Signed Signed C Brad Urie
06/23/2010 Ross, Cody Signed Signed 1B Cody Ross
06/23/2010 Smyth, Ryan Signed Signed C Ryan Smyth
06/22/2010 Dobre, Mike Traded Traded C Mike Dobre to Big Bend Cowboys of the Continental League for 1B Cody Ross, C Brett Urie and a player to be named later
06/22/2010 Waltenbury, Jon Released Released 1B Jon Waltenbury
06/22/2010 Meade, Frank Retired Placed C Frank Meade on the retired list
06/21/2010 Maxwell, James Released Released RHP James Maxwell
06/21/2010 Edwards, Chad Signed Signed RHP Chad Edwards
06/20/2010 Champagnie, Marcel Disabled Placed SS Marcel Champagnie on 7-day injured reserve list retroactive to June 17
06/18/2010 Weimer, Chris Disabled Placed OF Chris Weimer on 14-day injured reserve list retroactive to June 17
06/14/2010 Crider, Patrick Signed Signed LHP Patrick Crider
06/14/2010 Stanton, Zack Signed Signed INF Zach Stanton
06/14/2010 Activated Activated RHP Robert Romero
06/13/2010 Stewart, Nathan Released Released RHP Nathan Stewart
06/13/2010 Johnson, Sean Released Released LHP Sean Johnson
06/13/2010 Schalch, Tim Released Released INF Tim Schalch
06/12/2010 Morales, Angelo Signed Signed RHP Angelo Morales
06/12/2010 Barry, Kyle Activated Activated RHP Kyle Barry
06/10/2010 Romero, Carlos Disabled Placed OF Carlos Romero on 14-day injured reserve list
06/10/2010 McCoy, Ross Released Released OF Ross McCoy
06/10/2010 Weimer, Chris Activated Activated OF Chris Weimer
06/08/2010 Champagnie, Marcel Signed Signed SS Marcel Champagnie
06/07/2010 Scarduzio, Vinnie Acquired Acquired OF Vinnie Scarduzio from Windy City in exchange for LHP Andrew Werner
06/07/2010 Vessella, Tom Released Released LHP Tom Vessella
06/07/2010 Liscinsky, Andre Released Released SS Andre Liscinsky
06/04/2010 Signed Signed LHP Sean Johnson
06/02/2010 Disabled Placed RHP Robert Romero on 7-day injured reserve list
05/28/2010 Stewart, Nathan Signed Signed RHP Nathan Stewart
05/28/2010 Maxwell, James Signed Signed RHP James Maxwell
05/27/2010 Fon, Diallo Released Released OF Diallo Fon
05/27/2010 Tilghman, Jack Released Released RHP Jack Tilghman
05/26/2010 Cohen, Brandon Activated Activated 1B Brandon Cohen
05/25/2010 Heaps, Sam Released Released RHP Sam Heaps
05/20/2010 Heaps, Sam Signed Signed RHP Sam Heaps
05/19/2010 Barry, Kyle Disabled Placed RHP Kyle Barry on 14-day injured reserve list
05/19/2010 Weimer, Chris Disabled Placed OF Chris Weimer on 14-day injured reserve list
05/19/2010 Cohen, Brandon Disabled Placed 1B Brandon Cohen on 7-day injured reserve list
05/19/2010 Payano, Roberto Released Released INF Roberto Payano
05/17/2010 Strack, Jeremy Released Released OF Jeremy Strack
05/17/2010 Underwood, Brandon Released Released C Brandon Underwood
05/17/2010 Esposito, Nicholas Released Released LHP Nicholas Esposito
05/17/2010 Hammon, Kevin Released Released RHP Kevin Hammon
05/17/2010 Ohlmann, Liam Traded Traded RHP Liam Ohlmann to Florence for a second round draft choice in the 2011 Frontier League draft
05/15/2010 Jaimes, Matt Released Released 1B Matt Jaimes
05/13/2010 Simon, Jared Signed Signed RHP Jared Simon
05/13/2010 Killian, Billy Signed Signed C Billy Killian
05/13/2010 Roenicke, Jason Signed Signed RHP Jason Roenicke
05/12/2010 Kellar, Michael Released Released RHP Michael Kellar
05/12/2010 Jones, Jacob Released Released RHP Jacob Jones
05/12/2010 Sanchez, Jose Released Released SS Jose Sanchez
05/12/2010 Maher, Matt Released Released OF Matt Maher
05/12/2010 McCleary, Travis Relased Released INF Travis McCleary
05/12/2010 Lambert, Nick Released Released RHP Nick Lambert
05/12/2010 Huebner, Josh Released Released INF Josh Huebner
05/12/2010 Hoef, Kevin Released Released 3B Kevin Hoef
05/12/2010 Combs, Matt Released Released C Matt Combs
05/05/2010 Barry, Kyle Signed Signed RHP Kyle Barry
05/05/2010 Peters, Chris Signed Signed LHP Chris Peters
05/05/2010 Retired RHP Stephen Brock retired
05/04/2010 Retired RHP Justin Smith retired
05/04/2010 Alvarez, Carlos Suspended LHP Carlos Alvarez
04/26/2010 Renfrow, Dustin Retired RHP Dustin Renfrow retired
04/21/2010 Romero, Robert Acquired Acquired RHP Robert Romero from Shreveport of the American Association for future considerations
04/21/2010 Hammon, Kevin Signed Signed RHP Kevin Hammon
04/20/2010 Kramer, Mitch Suspended Suspended LHP Mitch Kramer pending acquisition of visa
04/20/2010 Tilghman, Jack Signed Signed RHP Jack Tilghman
04/20/2010 Combs, Matt Signed Signed C Matt Combs
04/06/2010 Perez, Eduardo Signed Signed RHP Eduardo Perez
04/06/2010 Waltenbury, Jon Signed Signed 1B Jon Waltenbury
03/31/2010 Rose, Patrick Signed Signed INF Patrick Rose
03/23/2010 Harris, Estee Signed Signed OF Estee Harris
03/23/2010 Weimer, Chris Signed Signed OF Chris Weimer
03/23/2010 Vessella, Thomas Signed Signed LHP Thomas Vessella
03/22/2010 Alvarez, Carlos Acquired Acquired LHP Carlos Alvarez from Laredo of the United League for RHP Nick Utley and OF Kenny Gilbert
03/22/2010 Rodriguez, Roberto Signed Signed INF Roberto Rodriguez
03/10/2010 Lugo, Jorge Signed Signed LHP Jorge Lugo
03/05/2010 Sottung, Nick Signed Signed RHP Nick Sottung
03/01/2010 Fon, Diallo Acquired Acquired OF Diallo Fon from Edmonton of the Golden League for a player to be named later
03/01/2010 Ohlmann, Liam Signed Signed RHP Liam Ohlmann
02/18/2010 Huebner, Josh Signed Signed INF Josh Huebner
02/16/2010 Dobre, Mike Signed Signed C Mike Dobre
02/15/2010 Gorman, Reece Released Released C Reece Gorman
02/12/2010 Kramer, Mitch Signed Signed LHP Mitch Kramer
02/12/2010 Esposito, Nick Signed Signed LHP Nick Esposito
02/08/2010 Jaimes, Matt Signed Signed INF Matt Jaimes
02/06/2010 Rogers, Jake Signed Signed IF Jake Rogers
01/25/2010 Sanchez, Jose Signed Signed SS Jose Sanchez
01/13/2010 Maher, Matthew Signed Signed OF Matthew Maher
01/04/2010 Underwood, Brandon Signed Signed C Brandon Underwood
12/14/2009 Schalch, Tim Signed Signed INF Tim Schalch
11/05/2009 Paxton, Ben Sold Sold Ben Paxton's contract to the Houston Astros
10/26/2009 Lambert, Nick Signed Signed RHP Nick Lambert
10/15/2009 Romero, Carlos Signed Signed OF Carlos Romero
10/09/2009 Kellar, Michael Signed Signed LHP Michael Kellar
10/05/2009 Jones, Jacob Signed Signed RHP Jacob Jones
09/28/2009 Satterwhite, Cameron Sold Sold Cameron Satterwhite's contract to the Cincinnati Reds
09/27/2009 Cohen, Brandon Acquired

1B acquired from Rockford with RF Ross McCoy to complete trade for Javier Brown

09/27/2009 McCoy, Ross Acquired RF acquired from Rockford with 1B Brandon Cohen to complete trade for Javier Brown
09/21/2009 Hetherington, Luke Released Released OF Luke Hetherington
09/21/2009 Howard, Josh Released Released OF Josh Howard
09/21/2009 Tiegs, Jordan Released Released RHP Jordan Tiegs
09/21/2009 Blackwell, Eric Released Released OF Eric Blackwell
09/21/2009 Marcus Rose Released Released INF Marcus Rose
09/21/2009 Matt Schneider Released Released INF Matt Schneider
09/21/2009 Diamond, Tyler Released Released C Tyler Diamond
09/21/2009 John Ducey Released Released RHP John Ducey
09/21/2009 Kai Tuomi Released Released LHP Kai Tuomi
09/21/2009 Rashad Ford Released Released RHP Rashad Ford
09/21/2009 Brandon Dill Released Released RHP Brandon Dill
09/21/2009 Kyle Dahman Released Released RHP Kyle Dahman
09/21/2009 Kamppi, Kyle Released Released RHP Kyle Kamppi
08/24/2009 Werner, Andrew Retired Retired LHP Andrew Werner
08/16/2009 Howard, Josh Retired Retired OF Josh Howard
08/16/2009 Ford, Rashad Reinstated Reinstated RHP Rashad Ford
08/10/2009 McCleary, Travis Signed Signed INF Travis McCleary
08/10/2009 Cotto, Giovanni Released Released Giovanni Cotto
08/10/2009 Brown, Javier Traded Traded Javier Brown to the Rockford Riverhawks for two players to be named later
08/10/2009 Kamppi. Kyle Signed Signed RHP Kyle Kamppi
07/29/2009 Schneider, Matt Signed Signed 1B Matt Schneider
07/29/2009 Brock, Steven Signed Signed RHP Steven Brock
07/29/2009 Cotto, Giovanni Signed Signed RHP Giovanni Cotto
07/29/2009 Rose, Marcus Signed Signed SS/2B Marcus Rose
07/29/2009 Tiegs, Jordan Retired Retired Jordan Tiegs
07/29/2009 Gorman, Reece Disabled Placed catcher Reece Gorman on 14-day DL
07/29/2009 Mackey, Kevin Released Released INF Kevin Mackey
07/29/2009 Koca, Dustin Released Released Dustin Koca
07/24/2009 Ford, Rashad Disabled Assigned RHP Rashard Ford to the 14-day Injured Reserve
07/17/2009 Werner, Andrew Signed Signed LHP Andrew Werner
07/13/2009 Sutton, Calen Released Released RHP Calen Sutton
07/10/2009 Satterwhite, Cameron Signed Signed OF Cameron Satterwhite
07/10/2009 Dahman, Kyle Signed Signed RHP Kyle Dahman
07/10/2009 Pulley, Matt Released Released INF Matt Pulley
07/09/2009 Ziegler, Beau Released Released RHP Beau Ziegler
07/01/2009 Tiegs, Jordan Signed Signed RHP Jordan Tiegs
06/30/2009 Adamkiewicz, Felix Released Released INF Felix Adamkiewicz
06/26/2009 Mueller, Tom Released Released LHP Tom Mueller
06/26/2009 Paxton, Ben Signed Signed RHP Ben Paxton
06/24/2009 Diamond, Tyler Signed Signed 1B/OF Tyler Diamond
06/24/2009 Brown, Don Released Released OF Don Brown
06/24/2009 Signed Signed OF Eric Blackwell
06/22/2009 Daleiden, Chad Released Released Chad Daleiden
06/17/2009 Oates, Brian Released Released RHP Brian Oates
06/17/2009 Liscinsky, Andre Signed Signed INF Andre Liscinsky
06/16/2009 Brown, Breland Released Released OF Breland Brown
06/09/2009 Signed Signed LHP Tom Mueller
06/08/2009 Thompson, Sean Released Released LHP Sean Thompson
06/07/2009 Liscinsky, Andre Signed Signed OF Breland Brown
06/06/2009 Strack, Jeremy Reinstated

Reinstated OF Jeremy Strack to the Injured Reserve

06/04/2009 Alexander, Gregory Reinstated Reinstated OF Gregory Alexander from the Injured Reserve
06/04/2009 Traded Traded INF Justin Randall to Southern Illinois for a player to be named later
06/01/2009 Signed Signed INF Chad Daleiden
06/01/2009 Phillips, Billy Released Released RHP Billy Phillips
06/01/2009 Signed Signed RHP Beau Ziegler
06/01/2009 Cable, Jason Released Released LHP Jason Cable
05/18/2009 Damchuk, Mike Released Released P Mike Damchuk
05/18/2009 Burns, David Released Released 1B David Burns
05/18/2009 Brown, Bobby Released Released OF Bobby Brown
05/18/2009 Doster, Venson Released Released OF Venson Doster
05/18/2009 Javis, Brandon Released Released INF Brandon Javis
05/18/2009 Facer, Tristan Released Released P Tristan Facer
05/18/2009 Limonick, Maxwell Released Released P Max Limonick
05/18/2009 Norton, Ben Released Released P Ben Norton
05/18/2009 Montague, John Released Released C John Montague
05/18/2009 Padilla, Omar Released Released INF Omar Padilla
05/18/2009 Wiesler, Marty Released Released P Marty Wiesler
05/18/2009 Palmer, Jake Released Released OF Jake Palmer
05/11/2009 Gonzalez, Eddie Released Released C Eddie Gonzalez
05/08/2009 Blanks, Bradley Suspended Suspended RHP Bradley Blanks
05/07/2009 Montague, John Signed Signed C John Montague
05/07/2009 Brown, Bobby Signed Signed OF/1B Bobby Brown
05/07/2009 Norton, Ben Signed Signed RHP Ben Norton
04/30/2009 Brown, Javier Signed Signed INF Javier Brown
04/29/2009 Brown, Donald Signed Signed OF Donald Brown
04/29/2009 Gonzalez, Eddie Signed Signed C Eddie Gonzalez
04/29/2009 Ford, Rashad Signed Signed RHP Rashad Ford
04/27/2009 Burns, David Signed Signed 1B David Burns
04/24/2009 Wiesler, Marty Signed Signed RHP Marty Wiesler
04/21/2009 Limonick, Maxwell Signed Signed RHP Max Limonick
04/21/2009 Pennino, Tommy Retired Announced the retirement of C Tommy Pennino
04/17/2009 Thompson, Sean Signed Signed LHP Sean Thompson
04/08/2009 Oates, Brian Signed Signed RHP Brian Oates
04/08/2009 Fonseca, Alex Traded Traded INF Alex Fonseca to the Gary Railcats of the Northern League to complete the trade that send RHP Jon Lewis to Gary on July 9, 2009
04/07/2009 Wiesler, Marty Received Rights Received RHP Marty Wiesler in a trade with the Florence Freedom
04/07/2009 Dill, Brandon Signed Signed RHP Brandon Dill
03/27/2009 Cable, Jason Signed Signed LHP Jason Cable
03/25/2009 Renfrow, Dustin Signed Signed RHP Dustin Renfrow
03/23/2009 Pennino, Tommy Signed Signed C Tommy Pennino
03/19/2009 Javis, Brandon Signed Signed INF Brandon Javis
03/18/2009 Ducey, John Signed Signed P John Ducey
03/18/2009 Sutton, Calen Signed Signed P Calen Sutton
03/17/2009 Adamkiewicz, Felix Signed Signed SS Felix Adamkiewicz
03/16/2009 Julian, Cory Released Released LHP Cory Julian
03/16/2009 Pulley, Matt Signed Signed 3B Matt Pulley
03/10/2009 Howard, Josh Signed

Signed OF Josh Howard

03/06/2009 Meade, Frank Signed Signed C Frank Meade
03/04/2009 Strack, Jeremy Signed Signed OF Jeremy Strack
03/02/2009 Thompson, Sean Released Released LHP Sean Thompson
02/04/2009 Palmer, Jake Signed Signed OF Jake Palmer
01/23/2009 Wille, Matt Retired Announced the retirement of OF Matt Wille
01/22/2009 Mackey, Kevin Signed Signed 1B Kevin Mackey
01/15/2009 Koca, Dustin Signed Signed OF/LHP Dustin Koca
01/15/2009 Doster, Venson Signed Signed OF Venson Doster
01/08/2009 Thompson, Sean Signed Signed LHP Sean Thompson
01/05/2009 Julian, Cory Signed Signed LHP Cory Julian
12/23/2008 Rogers, Adam Retired Announced the retirement of RHP Adam Rogers
12/15/2008 Alexander, Gregory Signed Signed OF Greg Alexander
12/12/2008 Salotti, Nick Traded Traded Nick Salotti to the Florence Freedom for INF Justin Randall
12/08/2008 Gorman, Reece Signed Signed C Reece Gorman
11/01/2008 Padilla, Omar Signed Signed INF Omar Padilla
00/00/0000 Trade Traded RHP Scott Kelley to Gary SouthShore of the American Association to complete an earlier trade.
00/00/0000 Obed Quiles Released Released C Obed Quiles